About Us

Over the past decade, information systems in the utility sector have changed dramatically. The focus has shifted away from hardware to software, solutions have become lighter and intuitive to use, some of them have migrated “to the cloud”, amenities for end customers have increased and even larger parts of the processes in a utility company are covered by IT solutions.

Avexys is an IT – engineering company with a focus on the utility sector as well as on the large industrial enterprises. We are experts with extensive national and international experience in the implementation of information systems covering the entire business cycle of a utility company and automating the processes, with the main goal of improving its indicators, supporting its operational management, as well as supporting managers in making important and fast decisions.

We apply state-of-the-art methods and technologies for working with intelligent systems, Big data processing, AI application, as well as with various sensors and measuring devices (IoT), etc.

Our mission is to support the development of the utility sector with practical and workable solutions in the areas of asset management, better billing, automating reporting, managing maintenance teams and much more.


We partner with leading local and international suppliers of equipment and solutions to support our mission.